Being Adult-Oriented, we do not accept bookings for families with young children or infants.

Maximum Occupancy

Maximum Occupancy
Jun 01 to Sep 30
*Oct 01 to May 31
Wilf Carter
Up to 2 guests
Fully Booked
Tom Wilson
Up to 2 guests
Up to 3 guests*
Ranger's Roost
Up to 3 guests
Up to 4 guests*

*When booking more than 3 guests larger than 2 in the Wilf Carter  or

Tom Wilson Suites or 3 in the Ranger's Roost please contact the guest house directly.

Contact Links 

Email: Mt. Burgess Guest House

Phone or Text: +1 (250) 272-1772

We Accept

Major Credit & Debit Cards, e-Transfers,

Cash (USD & CAD), Cheques cleared prior to Arrival.

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