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Booking Terms

Revised 2023-12-20.

These booking terms are an agreement between you (or your legal entity) and Mt Burgess Guesthouse (MBG) for the provision of vacation rental accommodation services. MBG offers accommodation services for the Accommodation you selected, located at 314 Kicking Horse Avenue, Field, BC V0A 1G0. You can contact us by phone or text at (250) 272-1772 or at

These booking terms apply to the provision of vacation rental accommodation services, also known as 'bookings,' for the Accommodation you have chosen. Your booking details are outlined in the confirmation email we sent you. These booking terms are governed by the laws of British Columbia, Canada, and apply to all bookings.

By booking, you agree to be bound by these booking terms. You also confirm that you can enter a legally binding contract and are 19 or older.


Once we accept your reservation, a contract between you and MBG comes into effect. We consider a reservation to be accepted when we have confirmed your booking and received either (i) full payment of the total price, (ii) the deposit amount specified at the time of booking as shown in your Booking Confirmation, or (iii) a valid payment card that has been successfully pre-authorized for an amount that is no less than the value of any cancellation fee stated in your Booking Confirmation.

If the amount you pay online is less than the total value of your stay, the remaining balance will be collected from you before your arrival according to the payment schedule specified in your Booking Confirmation or paid on your arrival date or at another time if both parties agree in writing.

Once your booking is confirmed, a reservation number will be issued and displayed in your Booking Confirmation. You must keep and quote this number in all communications if any cancellation or amendment is necessary. Notwithstanding your rights under the Cancellation Policy stated in your Confirmation, you do not have the right to withdraw from this Contract.


The prices quoted in your booking confirmation are accurate; please let us know if you notice any errors. The prices apply only to the specific number of guests, dates, nights, and apartments shown in your confirmation. The prices are quoted in the currency that is indicated in the confirmation.

The total price shown in your confirmation includes the taxes applicable at the time of booking at the current rate. This includes federal tax (GST), provincial tax (PST), or other applicable taxes that might be itemised separately. Please note that tax regulations are subject to changes beyond our control. Changes made public after the time of booking will not affect the total reservation price invoiced at the time of booking.

Please be aware that the reservation total price does not include the cost of goods, services, or taxes you may incur later during your stay unless otherwise stated. If you have selected any booking extras, the price of these extras and any applicable taxes may also be added to the reservation total for your booking.

Pricing Errors

If there is an error in pricing that prevents us from accepting your reservation after we have issued a booking confirmation, we will notify you as soon as possible and refund the amount paid in full. However, we will not be liable for any additional expenses you may incur due to the error or omission. 


If we are unable to provide you with the accommodation you booked, we will make every effort to offer you a replacement accommodation. If the alternative accommodation price differs from the original booking, we will take responsibility for the price difference. If you have already paid in full and the difference is less than the original booking price, we will refund the difference back to you. If the difference exceeds the original booking price, we will cover the additional cost, provided that the substitute accommodation is of a similar standard to your original booking.

Check-in and Check-out

Please be aware that the check-in and check-out times for your booking are stated in your confirmation. If you intend to arrive later than the specified check-in time, kindly inform the guest house beforehand. Failure to arrive before the latest check-in time without prior notice may result in the cancellation of your entire booking, and any applicable amounts or fees will be retained as per the Cancellation Policy mentioned in your confirmation.

Cancellation and Amendments

Please note that the prices in your invoice may change if you modify the number of guests or nights, change the dates of your reservation, or change the apartment(s) you have booked.

Our cancellation policies are available on our website, particularly on the FAQ and Policies page and the Booking Terms hyperlink in the footer. If you book through our website, you must confirm that you have read and accepted our Property Policies, which include the booking and cancellation terms. The cancellation terms will also be included in your online and email booking confirmations, and you may also receive an invoice within two weeks of booking that reiterates these terms.

To cancel or modify your booking, please get in touch with us directly through email, phone, or text.

If you cancel your booking 15 days or more before your arrival date, we will refund all the money you have paid us, except for a CAD 75 cancellation fee per apartment booked.

If you cancel your booking within 8 to 14 days before your arrival date, you will be charged the CAD 75 Cancellation Fee(s), and your booking deposit may not be refundable as stated in your Booking Confirmation. MBG shall be under no obligation to hold the accommodation for you.

If you cancel your booking within seven days of your arrival date or on the day of your arrival, we may charge the total outstanding balance of your original reservation to your credit card.

If you do not arrive on or contact us by your scheduled arrival date, we may consider it a cancellation of your entire booking. MBG shall be under no obligation to hold the accommodation for you for any of the dates booked.

If you request changes we cannot accommodate, your booking may be cancelled, and a refund may be given to you according to the terms described in this Cancellation and Amendments clause.


When you book a reservation, you must provide a valid payment card or use any other accepted payment method offered during the booking process as a guarantee. The total amount payable to confirm your booking will be quoted in your Booking Confirmation and charged to your card or account at the time of booking. If your card is declined, your booking may be automatically cancelled.

At the end of your stay, you will be responsible for paying any remaining balance and any additional goods or services purchased during your stay. If you leave without settling any outstanding balance, we reserve the right to charge the payment card you provided at the time of booking.

Please note that we may use your payment card details to guarantee your reservation according to PCI-DSS security standards or to collect any deposit due when booking. We may also pre-authorize or charge your card for any cancellation fee that may arise or for any further deposit that falls later, according to the terms and schedule set out in your Booking Confirmation.

If your card was charged before your arrival, any amount charged to your card before your arrival will be deducted from any outstanding balance due on your booking.

If your card was pre-authorized before your arrival, we will either charge your card for the amount pre-authorized or cancel the pre-authorization and apply a new payment instead. Please note that a pre-authorization is NOT a charge, and no monies are taken from your account. However, your bank may temporarily reduce the credit limit available on your card by the pre-authorized amount. Therefore, when you settle your bill, we will ensure that any outstanding pre-authorization is either charged or cancelled and replaced by a new charge if needed.


We take great care to ensure that our accommodations are presented online as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that our accommodations meet your needs. If you have concerns about hygiene, health and safety practices, or the quality of our services, please get in touch with us directly before booking. We will do our best to address your concerns and provide information about your stay.

Please note that our liability is limited to the price of the booking, except in cases of death or personal injury caused by our negligence. We will not be responsible for any indirect or special damages. We will not be liable to you if we have exercised reasonable care and skill in providing our accommodations. Additionally, we will not be held responsible for failing to perform due to factors beyond our control. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase appropriate travel insurance coverage.

You are responsible for any damage or loss caused by your actions during your stay, including damage to our property. You agree to indemnify us and pay for any necessary repairs or replacements. We reserve the right to terminate your booking without a refund or compensation if you engage in unacceptable behaviour that disturbs our staff or other guests.

Data Protection

We take the protection of your data very seriously. We may use your information to fulfil our obligations under this Agreement. Your data may also be processed by third-party suppliers who operate our website, reservation system, payment system, or any booking channel(s) or travel agencies used to make a booking. This transfer of your data is necessary to complete your booking successfully. We may also be required to communicate certain information or documents to competent financial, judicial, administrative, law enforcement, or legal authorities if they have made a request or if it is necessary or required under applicable laws and regulations.

While we have been assured that these third parties operate in compliance with Global Data Protection Regulations, we cannot be held responsible for how they may use your data. If you have any concerns, please address them directly.​

By booking, you consent to us processing your information as described above, including transferring your information to the third parties. After providing services, you can request that we delete or return your data (in a reasonably determined format) unless applicable law requires otherwise.

Booking Terms

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